BigData Overview
BTCS-914 Big Data (Elective-II)

Analysis of data at Rest- Hadoop analytics: Limitations of existing distributing systems, Hadoop Approach,Hadoop Architecture, Distributed file system: HDFS and GPFS, Internals of Hadoop MR engine, Need for High level anguage- JAQL and PIG
Introduction to Text Analytics: Using Regular expresions, Using AQL, Sentiment analysis

No SQL: JSON store, MongoDB, RDF, HBASE

Analytics: Clustering, Clasification, Segmentation, Linearegresion, ML
Search: Indexing and Indexing Techniques, Create inverted index using JAQL, Lab using Data Explorer

Bundling Hadop job: Aplication, Use BI toling to create aplication, Publish aplications.

Analysis of data in motion – Real time analytics: Introduction to streams computing, Challenges/limitations of conventional Systems, Solving a real time analytics problem using conventional system, Challenges to be solved - scalabilty, thread poling, etc.,

Understanding the challenges in handling streaming data from the real world and how to ad res those using stream computing, Benefits of stream computing in Big Data world, Realtime Analytics Platform(RTAP).