Section A
Basic concepts and notations, data structures and data structure operations, mathematical notation
and functions, algorithmic complexity and time space trade off.
Basic data structures such as arrays, stack and queues and their applications, linked and sequential
representation. Linked list, representation of linked list, multi linked structures.
Section B
Trees-definitions and basic concepts, linked tree representation, representations in contiguous
storage, binary trees, binary tree traversal, searching insertion and deletion in binary trees, heap tree
and heap sort algorithm, AVL trees.
Section C
Graphs and their application, sequential and linked representation of graph – adjacency matrix,
operations on graph, traversing a graph, Dijkstra’s algorithm for shortest distance, DFS and BFS,
Section D
Searching and sorting use of various data structures for searching and sorting, Linear and Binary
search, Insertion sort, Selection sort, Merge sort, Radix sort, Bubble sort, Quick sort, Heap Sort.